Letter From the CEO

Over the past two years, Lundberg Family Farms has taken a number of important steps in response to the release of research studies concerning arsenic in rice. Our team has been actively engaged with farmers, the academic, and regulatory community to understand arsenic in food. At Lundberg Family Farms, we take pride in our food safety and we continue to work to bring you relevant information, as well as to evaluate ways to mitigate the presence of this naturally occurring element in rice.

As part of the FDA’s ongoing efforts, they have posted results of testing in approximately 1300 rice and rice products. While the levels varied depending on products tested, FDA scientists determined that levels are too low to cause any immediate or short-term adverse health effects. The FDA’s next step is to use the new data to complete their comprehensive risk assessment.

The FDA’s advice for consumers, as stated on their website “is to eat a well-balanced diet for good nutrition and to minimize potential adverse consequences from consuming an excess of any one food”.

We recently published levels of arsenic in our rice from the past two crop years. We will continue our testing as part of our comprehensive food safety plan. There are also ongoing studies underway with our family's farm, to better understand the dynamics in our farming systems and what impact they may have with arsenic levels. In addition, we have actively engaged with the rice research community to remain current with the work being done by some of the leading researchers in our field. We understand the complexity of the task that FDA is challenged with and appreciate the rigorous scientific approach undertaken by the expert staff.

Information about the issue of arsenic in food products can be found on our website, through a research library that includes abstracts/links to peer-reviewed research studies on the subject, and pages related to food safety, Arsenic FAQs, Lundberg Product FAQs, our farming practices.

We support FDA’s interagency efforts, with EPA, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Centers for Disease Control, and the USDA as they move into the risk assessment phase. We also support FDA’s engagement with the international regulatory agency (CODEX) via providing access to our data.

Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts and concerns with us. We value your feedback, as it helps direct us to pursue those things that are of most important to you. If you have suggestions for other information you might find useful, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at info@lundberg.com or call at (530) 538-3500. We look forward to hearing from you.


Grant Lundberg

C.E.O., Lundberg Family Farms